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Primodrol™ is one of the legal steroids that is best used alone, which is why it is inexpensive to use compared with other oral steroids that must be stacked with other muscle supplements or anabolic products. As a steroid and muscle pill, it offers users several benefits. Users report rapid strength gains during the first week of use, and achieving rock hard abs and lean biceps can happen in a month or less.

Primodrol™ is categorized as a muscle pill, muscle builder, power fat burner, strength enhancement pill, legal steroids, muscle enhancement pills, bodybuilding supplements, weight lifting supplements, and weight gain supplements. It is made by Muscle Labs USA and is commonly referred to as “legal steroids”. It is one of the safest products on the market. It is not under any FDA recalls and does not contain any illegal anabolic ingredient.

Why is Primodrol™ recommended by users of legal steroids?

  • It offers minimal weight gain while increasing vascularity

  • It does not convert to estrogen, eliminating the possibility of breast enlargement in men

  • Like other legal steroids, it provides instant energy and instant strength gains

  • It can increase growth hormone blood levels without the need for injections

  • It helps you lose unwanted weight while retaining your lean body mass

  • It increase fuller vascularity, perfect for anyone who wish to achieve a more vascular physique

  • The first week of use leads to strength gains, muscle pump, lean muscle mass, and overall increase in energy

Unlike other standard anabolics, Primodrol™ not only increases the size of the muscles but also the number of cells. This means muscle gain is likely to be retained even if you stop taking any supplement. Moreover, it can enhance sex drive, making it a cross between legal steroids and testosterone supplements. Users claim it enhances their mood, vigor and libido. This further shows that Primodrol™ is a real money saver where legal steroids and muscle pill are concerned.

Dosage and usage of Primodrol™

A bottle of Primodrol™ contains 60 capsules. The recommended dose is one capsule a day. But for quick, optimal results, you can take 2 capsules per day. Take it during cutting cycle to assist in preserving lean body mass while metabolizing fat. You can also stack Primodrol™ with bulking cycles to fine-tune muscular gains.

This muscle pill is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to lose weight while enhancing or maintaining lean body mass. Apart from being taken regularly, it is also used by athletes and bodybuilders during a pre-bodybuilding contest to achieve diamond hard abdominal muscles. To achieve maximum results, get in shape, and define cuts, take Primodrol™ during a complete 12 week cycle.

Use only as directed. Exceeding the recommended 2 capsules daily does not guarantee improved results, and may only lead to side effects. If you are taking other medications or have health problems, consult with your doctor before taking Primodrol™.

Buy Primodrol™ without a hitch today. Buy 2 get 1 free without a prescription required. Unlike other legal steroids, this muscle pill has no side effects and is 100% delivery guaranteed. We offer free shipping in the USA.

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